Sunday, August 16, 2009

The book

i found a book. not any novel, or love story book
but a motivation book

"how to be happy without being perfect"

the title already gave me some good impression.
its in all of us,
we are not perfect.
but we can be perfectly happy.

stress on how to be happy without being perfect,
think i must get the book. because im tired of the high expectation
i feel so stress when m not perfect. when people keep on judging
sometimes i do feel the pressure when the cousins treat my mum better
when my mum sees things in people but in me, she dont.
when hezri complained about my short term memory
what if i get old and lost my track, will he still love me?
im only 22 and i cant memorize things
what if i turn 40?
maybe the story will end up,
the forgetful granny at the end of the road
who lives alone.

just like aaroon said to serena in gossip girl,
i dun wanna say no to all the things that i wanna say yes to.
sometimes i feel quite diff because people keep on pushing me
to do things that i dislike
and forcing me to take something i dun want to
but i dun hve any choices
if i say, no. then i'll be imperfect
i'll be useless daughter or stupid gf
i'll be the reason for the anger they feel for me
i cant speak up my mind because it cant be heard
if i let it go, it would be better for 'em
but what about me?

i think this book is a guide for me,
to be happy without being perfect. obviously i know
that i cant be perfect but i wanna be happy
i deserve to be happy
maybe by reading this book
it wont make any differences, it wont change anything
but at least
it'll change me :)
or makes me feel a lil bit good
since it was so hard to find calmness in this life
or maybe
it'll help to motivate me to go on my life
happily without being perfect.
maybe it'll help to focus on a new thing in my life
or making a new move.
i seriously shud go and get it.

i use alot 'without being perfect'
to stress that im not perfect
at all.

people !

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