Thursday, August 6, 2009

The busy bee

Ola peeps!

ive been busy for these past few weeks with works, and works and works and works.
i realized that ive been such a selfish person. i put my work first, strunggle to be the best and
the result is, everything went to drain.
i rarely col home, because i dun hve much time to do that.
i din get enuff sleep. sleep late at night and woke up at 515am,
i was tired and sometimes lost interest in the daily life activities.
my mum din complained much because she knw i was busy but still
her blood pressure increase. she also din get enuff sleep, worrying about me.
im sorry mum. i'll send parcel for u soon, kayh?

and hezri, i said to him that i feel difficult to talk to him lately,
but i was thinking, maybe i am the one who being difficult to talk to.
after our conservation last nite, i suddenly realized, how ignorant ive been.
he was waiting for me everyday to talk to me,
and makes me feel better each day. and i realized how much i miss him.
he is my right hand, i cant do anything without him.
he's always here, teaching me how to share feeling,
how to express love.
he guided me, to control my anger.
to remind me, that i dun hve to take the burden alone
because i got him.
for everything u did, abang
thank u.

i want to take everything slowly now.
no more stress,
no more pressure.
focus on the happy side.
the boyfriend, the family and the bestfriends.


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