Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Day.

halo people.
my mum was discharged from the hosp is the first day i took care of her at home.i felt so tired. after arrived from the hosp last nite, i took out all of her clothes, the blanket, and all, put it in the washing machine. im kinda paranoid about H1N1 cases. i double clean everything that came from there. the plates, mugs and tupperwares.our fridge now full with oranges, apples and pears. it was all from the visitors.

my mum is a perfectionist. at ths moment i dun think i can stand on my feet. i vacuum the house twice per day. rearrange everything on the kitchen cabinet. went out and bought groceries. defrost the fridge. clean up the fridge.i wake up early to prepare sahur and at the evening cook for buke puase. since im the only child, so i'll take the responsibility.i cant sleep and i called ikhwani. ive been talking to her alot lately. i feel happy having her around
im feeling like crying because i am so damn tired. i locked the room just now when mum fell asleep. turned on the ipod and blast the music to the maximum. did a lil dancing, jumping, etc.i havent do that for a very long time. but i feel quiet stress. the last time i danced in front of public
was during 2006. with nazera and lisya. but the most embrassing moment was in 2003.
when i lost myself during the dirrtyy song by christina aguilera. my heels were too high, and i jump on the crowd.haha stupid*

well, good night people.
im watching america next top model now.
hope that caridee will win.
owh im so late. this is the previous season
but i hvnt watch it yet. ;P

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