Friday, September 4, 2009

The Baju Raya

hello people.

sorry for not updating much, been so busy and slow internet connection stopped me from blogging.
i only get the chance to update my activities on twitter. so follow me on twitter @ayyahenrietta
my preparation for hari raya this year din went so well, since my mum is sick now and im at penang so no one at home can help her. dad? pfffft. hehe. to be true, i have no baju raya.
sad sad sad. the bffs ask me, hows my raya this year. i said that i was worried about what to cook on the first day of raya. maybe i'll prepare a simple meal, rendang with nasik himpit only.or persuade the aunts to organize a potluck. i ordered around 4 type of cookies already.
so xdelaa nmpk empty je nnt kn? what else ye. all the cushion cover and curtain, i'll deal with them once i reach home soon.

i have a very interesting reflection session with my eng lecturer just now. she was so positive u know. she advice us and gave opinion that makes us think twice before quit teaching.
u see that alot of people, send their children to tuition in order to get high marks and score their exam. but did they really learning?
or they just follow and learn everything from the book?
or they seriously smart and can apply what they learned in real life situation?

just think about that.

till then.

Selamat Ramadhan and selamat beramal!

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