Sunday, September 6, 2009

If Only

im watching a movie, if only starring jennifor love hewitt and that guyfrom the mummy movie.
i dunno his name.

it really makes me think. this story really encouraging u to appreciate ur other half bettter.
if u knew that today wud be the last day on earth for ur partner,
why u wud do?

well, for me, i rather sit and doing nothing with him.
talking and sharing things. learn more about him because
i wud love to remember him for the rest of my life.
taking alot videos and photos of him. cherish every single moment that we had together,
telling him i love u as much i can,
saying sorry for all the wrong doings
go thru our old photos
sing a song for him, making funny faces to make him laugh
telling him why i love him so much
thank him for the love he gives
for the feeling that he taught me to feel
for all the memories, for taking care of me
for changing me to be a better person, for guiding
for the happiness
let him know that he's the best bf i ever had,
convince him that im here for him,
tell him that i'll be allright,
dun worry, i'll be strong because he still will be here

so many things to do right?

lets start today because we'll never knw whats going to happen
tomorrow ;)

selamat berbuka~

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