Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The meal timing

Halo peeps.

i was having a twitter session with my officially personal dietitian last night.
obviously i was practicing a real bad eating habit. shud stop it before its too late.
ive been skipping meal and torture my own body.
thank u to her, and cant wait to meet her on january to learn about the sit up exercises
to trim the tummy, i wanna reduce weights in 3 weeks, wanna look good on abang ad's wedding.
one more problem that i am sooo gonna hve is
i heard the rumors saying that the holiday starts on 14oct until 20 oct. but i already bought a return tickets on 16 oct and 19oct. what the heck am i going to do for 2 days at the college?
im not going to cancel the ticket, i do that everytime. mom dearest gonna kick my ass off.
i will try to call the flight centre and asks if i can change the date,
dunno how much its gonna costs me ths time :(

i heard the tremors attacked malaysia today. people in KL might feel the shaking. i had my evening nap, must be a real passed out,because i dun feel anything weirdo but the weather was horrible today, hezri told me that tsutnami also attacked the pacific ocean but alhamdullilah
it din reached Auckland. he feels abit worry because it was so near with his place but
i was worried too because the pacific tsunami warning centre sent a tsunami alert to indonesia, malaysia and thailand, and i am in PENANG, i wanna go home :(
i was kinda paranoid, think that the risks might be higher here.
but what we can do now is, just pray that everything will be okay. :)
till then


p/s: i am so paranoid, i let the staronline pages on, to read the updates.

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