Saturday, September 26, 2009

The changes.

halo people, selamat eidulfitri :)

its a bit late for me to wish that, but its better late than never roight?
this year eid, im more into family thing. normally i wud spend my time focusing on sms
and begayut on the phone for hours and hours during the festive, enjoying the low rates offer.
but this year it was diff, i thot that i better spend it with the family and join everything since i realized theres not much time left. going to settle down soon and hv my own familia.
i think that i shud spend the time as anak dara to the fullest :)
sounds like i already got plans ahead right? hehe
actually i really did. :)



putbest said...

wow. ayya. already have plans for the future eh? bila ni? make sure to invite me eh? anyway, haha. 'roight' tu sounds so OZ. or. NZ? huhu

ayya henrietta said...

haha soon :) u'll one of the flower girls kayh.
owh i think it sounds more to OZ, roightttt?


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