Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The mobile

its only 914pm but i feel sleepy like hell,
maybe because hezri is not there, his place got some wi fi trouble.
my mobile seriouly in a critical condition, i hardly read the sms because the
screen keep on moving upside down.
the beginning of the problem was, i changed the screen because
it wasnt so clear for rm100. then it was fine at first, next the images on the screen
keep on moving upside down.
aish. i need to ketok2 first, then it'll return to normal again.
maybe tomorrow i'll be going to the same shop to complain.

i checked hezri's email just now and alhamdullilah, there's an email
frm the company he applied for internship. they responded positively and
i hope he will make it work with the internship program, just like he always did
with the other things :)
till then,
need to finish my report for ELS.
btw, im going to meet the institute director tomorrow.
wish me luck and pray that he will approve my proposal without any
negative comments hehe

yawn ( for almost thousand times)

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