Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Battlefield

halo people.
being the only child in the family taught me enuff about the
meaning of loneliness.
i cud understand it more than anyone else did.
i went thru alot of things alone,
and its not a new thing.
i fight for myself for 22 years and
i am still kicking it.
i rarely cried in front of people.
i do not say i didnt cried at all,
i say RARE.
when something is bothering me, i'll try my best to handle it.
but too comfortable being on my own
somehow makes
me want to conquer all the decision making session.
forget that now i had a partner, i often ignored him.
this way, he might feel unimportant.
but im not smart enuff to get it.
he offers solution and i refuse
and he was upset.
and now, obviously i cant do things alone anymore.
i need him.
two years being with him taught both sides of effect.
positively, i am more care about others and pull on the responsibility
the negative side is, i am not independent anymore.
but it feels good
to know that someone's there for u.
i hope that the good feeling wont go away too fast.
at least not now :)


nanite people.

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