Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Ex thing.

halo peeps.
its been a disaster weekend for me but not for my cousin
of course, it was his wedding day.

one night, i got a msg frm my ex,
saying that
"if my gf contacts u, tell her ur not over me yet,
and ur the one who keep on smsing me"
wtf? i was blur but then, i got a sms from his gf.
she was upset because i 'cant' let go of his bf.
i understand her feeling but i was mad towards my ex.
obviously hes using me for another excuses.
i dun want to hurt the gf feeling so i just kept quiet,
because the truth is so ugly and hurtful. she better knw it
from her 'not so innocent' bf.

it not me who sms-ing ur bf. ur bf did, for almost..
ermm two years already. ur bf the one who cant get over
me, and hes the one who starts all the communication.
and hes the stalker. not me, babe. the problem is because
we r good friends. the ex and i.
maybe before i wud took the bullet for him.
i'll be the reason when he got problems with
any of his previous girlfriendssss. but not anymore.
im tired. i said to the gf to ask his bf the real story
and i said to the bf to tell his gf the real truth.
stop using my name. guess what he said to me.
he said,
"im sorry, it'll be easier if i tell her it was u
because she will be mad if its me."
omg.i cant believe this guy.
yes, true. it'll easier for u. but for me?
do u think its fair for me?
u said to me before u care about me, still sayang and all,
is this the way how u show ur sayang?
and im glad i din fell into anything u said
because u wud never change.
and im glad i din give the 3rd chance, because u blew off the first and the 2nd.
and u said, u wud wait for me until i change my mind.
well, ur welcome to wait.

i cant tell anyone about the problems, it sound immature and all.
but i cant keep it anymore. and i know everyone is sick n bored about
my ex thing because the same story happens over and over again.
i dunno when it will be over.

u'll stuck with the hero label and im the one playing
the bad role.
this will be the last time, i shut my mouth.
next time, when u get problem with ur new girlfriend,
better find someone else to take the blame.


no xoxo for today :)

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