Monday, October 5, 2009

Italiannies @ The Curve

it was a disaster day but i wont deny
myself a good food :)

complimentary bread and olive oil plus vinegar.

Stuffed mushroom.

it was so good. the inside of the button mushroom.
yum yummm,
i love the taste of the herbs inside it and u cant go wrong with the spinach cream.

since i already had my appetizer,
i just ordered individual set of chicken Milanese

the other set wud be RM32.90
in a bigger portion
grilled chicken in spinach cream with chunks of onions and tomatoes.
the right amount of cream to make me lick my spoon off.
eventhough hezri thought, that the chicken breasts were quite dry
but i still gave them thumbs up!
here's his meal
for the meat-eater
Lamb Shank
the meat was so soft and easily ripped off from the bone!

Italiannies had my vote for the most yummylicious
italian food.


Anonymous said...

wut sooo heaven lah

ayya henrietta said...

Haha go and try kayh


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