Thursday, August 20, 2009

The twitter

i twitter alot.
huhu sometimes i feel that twitter is more interesting
compared to faceb**k.
it is more straight to the point. just update ur latest activity
and thats it. ur done.
unlike faceb**k. people tends to show off and all,
but i do love to see show-off-people profile.
at least i got something to laugh for.

i will be finishing my practicum tomorrow, cannnnttttt waiiittttt~
cant stand the heavy works anymore :(
but obviously, i wanna go back.
in case if u still din knw. my mum was admitted to hosp.
since 15th august.
she feels lonely and has no one to talk to.
i wanna go back as fast as i can
so i can be with her all day long.

tonight im going to masjid bukit tambun
for a solat hajat and bacaan yasin
* esp for year 6 students.
gonna be there around 715
dunno what to wear yet


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