Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wedding Cake By Le Chouette Macaron

Salam all,

Today nak review about wedding cake masa majlis pihak lelaki.
Last minute order sebab all of us lupa until rukhsana ridwan tanya nak meja letak kek x kat dewan nanti?
Baru teringat tak order lagi cake. Masa dah tinggal around seminggu lebih.
So I dengan lajunya sms Wahdi Farhad ( Le Chouette Macaron owner) asked if there is any slots available on that date. Alhamdullilah, still open.
We want a very simple 2 tier cake, tak mau fondant icing segala macam. Just buttercream & cheese topping with pink & gray as the theme color.
Wahdi suggested to do this design.

Wahdi worked from home. You can browse his artwork here at
their facebook page

I know about Wahdi from his instagram page : wahdi_farhad.

For this cake, we ordered red velvet flavour. It is so light, so creamy and moist.
I seriously love it. Tapi as bride.. exbride now. sobs =(  you cannot eat alot lah kan?
All eyes are on you on that day.
I promised Wahdi to pick up the cake on friday night ( same night we had doa selamat at H's house)
Tapi tiba tiba malam tu busy with a lot of things. H nak pergi pacak signage lah, I nak topup inai lah.
Wahdi sangat helpful, sebab I tak sempat nak pick up the cake, dia offer to send it to the hall the next morning.
You dont know how meaningful it was to us, okay!
Thank you so much <3>

Its so easy to work with Wahdi, you just tell him your budget and he will work it out for you.
The bigger you budget is, the better cake you will get.
But of course, I prefer simple decoration and flavour such as
 vanilla, chocolate, red velvet ( because you cant go wrong with this)
lemon cake pun nice juga.

Ladies, choose your wedding cake wisely. Not only as an eye candy but sedap to eat too ye.
If not, membazir aje kek banyak-banyak takde orang makan :)



Nurul said...

I pun order dgn wahdi..macarons tower with cake tu..sgt puas hati.byw yoour cake cantik=)

Akmal Hidayah Azalan said...

yeke? bestnya! macarons tower tu memang super nice. lawa betul. Tapi my hubby xminat benda fancy gitu.:(

Share your blog link pls. nak tengok your cake :)


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