Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quick Dinner at Ben's, Publika

Salam all,

Lama dah tak update pasal makan makan kan?
Today nak review about Ben's, Publika.
Rasanya tak perlu introduction sebab Ben's ni dah cukup famous dah.
I suka outlet kat Publika sebab tak crowded ( unless weekend)  and tak susah nak cari parking.

One weekend, I keluar dinner with my buddy from college, Cik Buya.
Kitorang banyak catching up and update stories about life memasing sampai lupa nak camwhore hehe

Proceed with the food, shall we?

Ben's Chicken Pot Pie
I didnt really enjoy this. The filling was a bit dry and the pastry wasnt crunchy as i expected it to be.

Beef Lasagna. Love the sauce! So creamy and rich.
Its quite fulfilling, enough to share for two.

The dessert :
Macadamia cheesecake sundae

 this is sinfully delicious.  
served with vanilla ice cream.
the cake is so soft, it melts in your mouth. I seriously enjoy this.


1 comment:

cha said...

Heard that their food is pretty bad tak worth dengan harga. Tapi tak taula sebab i tak pernah try lagi. Lasagna tu mesti hubby i suka. Dia peminat cheese :)


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