Monday, April 15, 2013

#3 random fact about Ayyahenrietta

Salam all.

3rd random fact about ayyahenrietta is.....

I think if i reveal this one, my highschool schoolmates will shook their heads, sign of agreement hihi..

I am one of the sleepiest person in the world. Yes. I am in a healthy relationship with mr. Sleep.

Hezri, is so annoyed with my sleeping habit.
During weekdays, its such joy if i can jump on my bed at 10pm. One of my favourite thing to do, i count how many hours will i get to sleep. Such as, 10pm until 630am then i get 8 1/2 hour sleep. Im a happy kid.

If i get less than 6 hours sleep at night. Haa u'll see sour face in the morning.

Another thing is, i cannot lay on bed. There is no such thing, as " Nak rehat jap. Baring jap "
No. Next thing u know. Im already in the la-la land.

Hezri noticed about this already. Night before our trip to Koh Samui,  we went out dinner with his friend. On the way home, I slept in the car. Arrived at home, Hezri pushed to me to pack our stuff.
I can hardly open my eyes :( his exact word is "Kronik betul you ni"
So he did packed our stuff and i just continue around 5am next morning.

In my life, there is no such thing as 'pura pura tidur'. I can pura-pura tidur first 3 minutes, then... Zzzzzz

That is so me :)


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