Saturday, August 21, 2010

You're not sorry

all this time i was wasting
hoping you would come around
i've been giving out chances every time
and all u do is let me down
and its taken me this long, baby
but ive figured u out
and ur thinking we'll be fine again
but not this time around

you dun hv to call anymore
i wont pick up the phone
this is the last straw
dun want to hurt anymore
and you can tell me that youre sorry
but i dun believe u baby
like i did before
youre not sorry

looking so innocent i might believe you
if i din know
could have loved you all my life
if u hadnt left me waiting in the cold
and youve got ur share of secrets
and im tired of being the last to know
and now ur asking me to listen
cause it worked each time before

u had me crawling for ur honey
and it never would have gone away
you used to shine so bright
but i watched all of it fade

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