Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enough is enough

selamat pagi readers,

Eee i cant stand reading my own blog cm org putus cinta, (even mmg putus cinta tp xnak ngaku)
please welcome the positive spirits in. fuhh fuhh.

please forgive me if i turn this blog into a punchbag, i da lame xsingle. seriously.
i mean, after broke up with 1st bf, i was seeing someone else tros. xpnah single n
totally alone. this is the first time,so please please forgive me if i update emo fb status or blog post. kalo xleh maafkan skang, tolong maafkan time raye nnt ok?

i believe people moving on in their own ways. just let me take all the time that i need.
its not gonna be easy. even bru a few hours pon i feel it eating me from inside.
tp this the ugly truth that i need to swallow.

yes, i can handle the truth.

no matter how hurtful or hard the situation is,
its better to have someone. and in my case im turning to my super girlfriends.
please babysitting me, preetyyy please?

i need to admit i rase fragile sgt skang,
few wrong words coming out, i might burst into tears.
so i just need to keep the positive energy alive
and moving on..

hopefully, in a fastest way :)


PS: qiammulail pagi esok jangan lupe. kul 3am kt surau IPG

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