Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st ramadhan


wee hoo wee hooo weee hoo. hehe ponteng kelas satu hari esok :P cannot tahan laa.
i was a bit down for the last few days and i think i cant wait until friday. kalo ikot kan perasaan
from last tuesday lagi da balik hehe
sape2 yang nak mkn sedap2, sile datang berbuka kt rumah saye :)

my dad birthday is coming up, this sunday. already bought a wallet for him. hope hes gonna like it :) the wallet costs a bomb so i asked mum to share it, ( jimat duit eheh) and she said tamau!. then demanding a handbag for her birthday next year (T_T) lari topik sudah.

im so happy today and keep on dancing in the room. tiru super junior dance lagu sorry sorry.
okay la. mau pegi bazaar and buy for berbuka. till then.


selamat berbuka yall :)

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