Wednesday, August 11, 2010

confession part 1

remember when i said, i had a bad news?

well. i hv both. lets start with the bad one first. sometimes, i cant stop whats coming out frm my mouth and this time i crossed the line. and it was so hard to fix it because the 'cold war' had been going on for the last few weeks, months, i cant remember the last time we actually had a proper talk. there are flaws here and there in our relationship and both of us feeling so tired to fight.
and i think now its official. and i dun want to say it out loud. u shud know.
its not easy to move on after what uve been thru together for 3 years.
obviously im lying when i said, im okay and not gonna cry. :P
and the more i remind myself, "it is all right ayya, everything will be fine" the more i wanna cry.
but we girls gotta be strong aight?

then, the good news is im going to dissappear for a few days. nottttt. im just planning for a short vacation, and one of my buddy wanted to come along. at first i wanna get out from malaysia, and i settled everything, passport etc this evening. but then it striked me, how far u wanna go to heal ur heart? and the cost must be high ( last minute vacation kott)
then, i think i wanna go somewhere near. cheaper and the most important, it is safe.

thats it for now. its 233am,
better sleep now :)

1 comment:

~NajiLaA~ said...

official dah???ayoyo....i knew this is coming though~


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