Thursday, August 12, 2010

safe journey to me!

currently on the bus heading back to rumah saye! Hehe

sorry peeps, im so happy i cant help it. I forgot to bring back my
ipod charger and its dead da. Aish. So bored. I cant sleep because i
cant wait to go home. Planning to bake a cake for daddy's birthday (he
loves homemade cake! ) and all the cousins pon sume coming home too!
Yeay! Mlm ni hujan lebat, doakan i sampai rumah ngan selamat ye.

Bye! Ta!


Moumo said...

oh well,im comin home too

ayya henrietta said...

when? when? r u home now?

Moumo said...

da blik KL pn
cti wekend je la ayya


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