Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meatworks @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Looking out for the best steak in town?

then start your engine and heading to solaris mont kiara now!

At first i was planning to fill my stomach with their sirloin but the staff informed us that

they were all sold out. the only cuts left are only fillet and brontosaurous ( the name scared us, like eating a dinosour :P)

too bad we arrived quite late, around 9pm on the weekends.

must come early next time!

Beef fillet (220g) rm59, we opt for well done. served with wedges, steamed veges and mustard sauce.
after the first bite, u'll be falling in love.

the beef was so juicy and tender.


complimentary dessert from the manager of meatworks.


because he thinks im cute. LOL



plus. do u knw meatworks is a malaysian restaurant?

if im not mistaken, the restaurant is included in rmk9 programme.

they can easily beat chilis and TGIF!


official meatworks page :


~NajiLaA~ said...

mcm mane down pn ko....food ko tetap up! :D

ayya henrietta said...

hehe sedap woo sini. mahal sket.
tp worth every penny :)

~NajiLaA~ said...

nnt bawak aku! :D


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