Monday, August 23, 2010

He is not a bad guy..

hello people.

i received alot of supportive words/sms etc from friends who knew about my break up.
thank u. thank u. it helped alot. but i want to make it clear because some of you might get the wrong idea abt the reasons why we broke up,

1st, of course i xkan reveal the real reasons, no point kn. just i ade received sms mcm.
"chill ayya, laki mmg cmtu. ko still ade kawan2 kn."
"ramai lagi laki baik dlm dunie. u'll find one soon"

my relationship with him ended bkn sbb who cheated on who.
if i want to move on, im not going to dedicate 'i will survive' or 'fighter' kind of song, its more to 'tatoo' by jordin sparks. melalut sgt ker aku ni :(

okay, bahasa mudah, hes not a bad guy. we broke up sbb ade masalah yang xdpt dielakkan here an there. but still i cant deny that he is actually a decent person.
because i knew him. and i must say, the girl after me,
wud be very lucky to have him.
we've been together for 3 years, and he left the biggest effect on me.
good effect, not the bad one.

and i want to remember him as a nice person and cherish all the good memories
that we had together.
bkannye remember him as a person who put me in so much pain n suffer. huhu
so harap nye sumeran paham.

ssh nk explain in every sms to sumeran, so i hope
this entry clear the fog hehe

selamat malam semua :)

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zunitaramli said...

mmm..everything happens for a reason kan? teringat my mum pnh ckp, rship ni mcm maen lucky draw, we dont know what will happen, if u r lucky enough, u'll find ur soulmate, if not, keep searching, nvr give up;)


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