Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wondermilk Cafe Uptown

salam all,

my sunday morning started with 4 cuppies and 1 large iced cappucino :)

i had terrible experience with cupcakes three years ago. masa my mum datang KL, she went to The Curve and borong cupcakes at Cupcake Chic, 2 large boxes with different flavours . the taste? errkkkk... tapi she forced me to finish it anyway :(

since then, cupcakes officially are not my favourite dessert.

last sunday, i insisted to go to 'a slice of heaven' at Jaya One. i was skipping happily, imagine self surrounded with delicious desserts.

then it strucked me.. this is not JAYA ONE! THIS IS JAYA33! Mr. H brought me to JAYA33 instead of JAYA ONE. and without feeling guilty, he asked, " aik? bukan jaya33 ker kedai tu?"

sebab nak pujuk orang merajuk ngidam kek punya pasal, mr. h brought me here, wondermilk cafe uptown. takpe lah, try je lah.
red velvet cupcake rm4.50

lurveeeee this. fluffy, moist and not too sweet.

very very chocolate rm4.50

taste very very normal.

John Lemon Rm4.50

the cupcake is dry and too sweet for my liking. skip!

Blueberry cheese rm4.50

i love this! who doesnt love blueberry cheese anyway

4 cuppies and 1 iced cappucino costs rm25.

for red velvet and bluebberry cheesecake, yes i'll come back.

xoxo :)

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