Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For a friend.

salam all,

Not a good week for all of us.

one my friend was diagnosed with SLE. i know it for quiet sometime. but scared to blurt it out until the result is confirm. and now the cat is out of the bag.

when he told me about the syptoms he was having, i couldnt help but to think, maybe its SLE. ive been studying about the disease for few months because one of my students had that too.

i told hezri about it last night and alhamdulillah, he understands my situation. he explained to me that there is no reason for him to be feeling jealous etc because my friend is sick and need
support from us. he adviced me to do everything i can to help. ignore what had happened in the past.

and im begging all of u, to pray for my friend's health.

insya Allah.


Breathing.In.Luxembourg said...

Let's doa together :)

Akmal Hidayah Azalan said...

thank you KB :) i believe Allah knows best.


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