Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Porto Romano @ Mont Kiara

Salam all,
Mr. H and I dua-dua baru dapat 1st month gaji, erm.. nope. Sebenarnya i dah dapat 3rd month gaji  (-_-)

so we both decided to celebrate and spend the pay! but where? Masa lepak-lepak kat Solaris, nampak ada satu restaurant ni, huge and nicely decorated with small lamps. so decided to give it a try :)
Cappucino rm7.50

i ordered my daily caffeine intake, Mr. Cappucino. Sadly it was very normal and nothing to shout about.
dissapointed abit sebab takde corak menarik atas foam :(
Environment kat porto romano very cozy but abit noisy. Maybe malam tu ramai orang buat gathering kat sana, and i asyik tekejut je. sebabnya meja sebelah, meja belakang, kiri kanan semua nya buat reunion. i tengah makan and borak-borak with the other half , tiba-tiba je, ada orang menjerit
 'AAAAA! long time no see"
 terkejut i. tengok belakang, oh ada orang hug2, maybe jumpa old friends kot. then sambung balik makan. tiba-tiba ' AAAAAAAAAA! ur late!! ' Pffffttt. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!
 asyik ada orang menjerit kat sini. mau tercekik makan.

Porto Romano Pizza RM32
Seriously damn delicious! i suka pizza ni sebab thin crust and the fact that they use the perfect amount of cheese on the pizza. tak overload and tak terlalu sikit. just nice.
seriously good u know, i makan dalam 3 slices or 4 of these.

Charbroiled Chicken Leg Spanish Style - with lemon based sauce Rm32.

i suka the chicken sebab sangat tender and juicy. tapi as for me, tak cukup kick. but Mr. H suka it tho.
maybe the flavour yang i tak suka sangat, for me, just normal.

total damage for the night :
rm88.60 include tax.
i definitely will come again :D


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