Friday, September 24, 2010

PappaRich @ Egate, Penang

newly opened at Egate, Penang.
same concept as Old Town White Coffee,
except for their extensive menu.

Lychee soda,
very refreshing.
i love the mint leaves in the glass :D

lychee soda vs mr.normal cincau

curry mee.
very thick.
my friend gave two thumbs up for this. :)

closest friends of mine knew that i cant resist nasi ayam.
and they complained why i always ordered nasi ayam jee.
shud try another menu next time.

chicken rice with steamed chicken.
comes with a bowl of soup.
and bean sprouts.

nothing to shout about,
just a normal chicken rice
but it tasted quite good too.

must come again to try on their dessert :)


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