Saturday, September 18, 2010

another trip!

selamat hari raya to all.
im gonna upload some raya photos but not now.
not today, it was a hectic week but i enjoyed every second of it except
for a few sakit hati session. but overall, im glad im home.

im abit pressured this week so i do what i always do best.
i bought another flight tickets, october 2010 gonna be so much fun :)
and im a bit concern because my saving become less and less
but it worth every penny that i spent.

now im thinking its gonna be a bit boring if i go alone,
maybe i wanna drag someone to come along.



Moumo said...

ayya nk g mne?

ayya henrietta said...

heheh nak ikot? sure?
xleh lah expose kt sini nak g mane.

Moumo said...

nak pegi jgk..seyes..
i need to go sumwhere jgk..
otak da xbtol ne
msg me kt fb


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