Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fiqs Gastronomy @ Subang

Salam all, 

I jarang buat review on hipster cafe sebab biasanya they served lousy and expensive food. 
Tak berbaloi nak recommend. 

But Fiqs Gastronomy is exceptional! 
I was browsing through IG photos and ternampak gambar chef syafiq tengah touch up his dish. Nampak so professional! 
So kitorang pun terjah lah! 

It was a quite saturday morning at Fiqs and I was glad. Sebabnya, chef akan pay attention and focus to our dish hehe. 

Starter :

Caesar Salad 
RM 19

The portion is big! and I noticed they use cold plate to keep the vege fresh and crisp!
attention to detail. thumbs up

You can choose to have poached egg or hard boiled egg. 

All time favourite :

My comfort food. 
Egg Benedict

Not all cafe boleh buat good hollandaise sauce. Ada yang too thick, too bland.. but this one, I licked everything off! 
Calories don't count.

Tomato Marinara Spaghetti 

Fresh seafood !!.
And siap ada cubed sea bass. Definitely not a hipster cafe type. 

Actually we were already full, tapi I nak jugak try their desserts. 

Banana Split :

This deconstructed version. I love it when they glazed the banana with sugar. 
Take the banana split to the whole new level. 

Puas hati sangat makan sini and Im sure I'll come back for more ;) 

Tak rugi, cuba. 
Sila lah. 


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