Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doraku @ Lifecentre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL

Salam all,

Last weekend was my 5th anniversary with H.
I had a tough week and tak sempat nak plan for anything. so we keep everything simple.
He bought me one bouquet of daisies and...
Know what can make me happy?

Good food. Thats enough for me. The easiest way to win my heart is through my stomach.

The place is very cozy and classy. Love the deco. Malam kitorang dine kat sana, sultan selangor came in too.

Strawberry iced tea.

Light and very refreshing. with a hint of lime. love it!

Emperor Rolls: RM 38

Tuna, Salmon, Crab, Shrimp, Scallop, Avocado rolled together and crusted with breadcrumb.
This is no rice roll and filling full with seafood. I enjoyed these alot. Crunchy and full with flavour.
Thumbs up!

This is for sharing. Big portion.

Sirloin Garlic Steak : RM48

Sirloin with ginger garlic sauce and stir fried mushroom and bean sprout.

A bit masin so better makan dengan nasi. Ala-ala teppanyaki but vege dah overcooked.

Surf and Turf Roll : RM 38

Cucumber, Shrimp and Asparagus topped with seared Wagyu , Garlic Aioli, Chilli Sauce, Ponzu, Kabayaki Sauce.

This is seriously delicious! 
And big portion, memang tak boleh habis kan seorang. 
Flavourful and wagyu sangat lembut.

Black Sesame Ice Cream : One scoop RM8

Bila minta bill, the waiter insisted we should try their dessert, I dah cakap, im too full for dessert then dia cakap, ice cream pun taknak?

I mengalah and try laa their ice cream. No regret. suka flavour sesame tu. Tak overpowering.
I boleh makan another scoop hehe

Total damage include tax : Around RM190 +

include satu scoop lagi ice cream, japanese rice and plain water.

will give them another visit soon.
tapi kena order less, sebab tak habis pun makan.
portion dia besar :)


want any details? map, phone no, etc

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