Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shazlin's bachelorette party!

Salam all,

Early November, we all the alice girls organized bachelorette party for Shazlin / Lino ( nama manja) , she's getting married in December.

It was so tough to find a suitable date to do the party because everyone is so busy with own schedules.
The original plan was to do a quick dinner at Wondermilk, then we'll be spending the night at Gardens Hotel. Tapi, Lino need to catch an early flight to JB the next day so we cancel it.

Wondermilk tutup pukul 10pm. Lino, Amy, Shikin and I were stucked in the traffic so I texted the girls minta change place, nasib baik The Bee still ada spots for us. Alhamdullilah semua went well and Lino memang betul-betul terkejut sebab dia tak expect langsung ada party for her. She thought, it was a normal dinner with the alice girls.

The surprise look on her face? Priceless. rugi tak ambil gambar. Lino hampir menangis dah haha!

Anum couldn't make it so she sent this delicious pavlova with love. Sayang nya, lama sangat pavlova tu dalam kereta, so dah a bit penyek sikit.

I bought the sash one day earlier and Amy beli crown tuh sebab yang i jumpa too expensive!

my silly friend, shikin ramli. love her! <3>

Dynat yang prepare semua decorations ( thank god ada wedding planner dalam our group friends) ,
. I asked her to do pink roses hand bouquet for lino.
and she said, " Haa, pink? Boring lah pink"

Cannot. Lino loves pink. Must do pink. :)

Tapi dynat sangat creative, follow with her idea. pink hydrangea with purple roses. so pretty!

Cutie pie. Miss Amelia.

Workaholic girl, Khairul Barriah.

Yours truly. :)

My beautiful ladies!

My bee burger, I tak really enjoy the food. so-so aje.

Notice the gulatis bag? will update more about that.

Thank you to semua orang yang contribute, Wan Dotte yang sampai very early to Publika sebab nak book tempat, Wondermilk tak receive reservation. Then kena tuka tempat to The Bee pulak. KB, who helps to contribute ideas and decide place. Seriously many brilliant ideas came up from her.
Amy yang tolong beli apa yang missing. Dynat yang prepare semua decorations.
Im thankful to have you girls. Yanti yang datang even tengah pregnant and thank you to her husband yang sangat sporting and understanding.
 You are the best, Pak Su!
Shikin yang tak pernah join then datang for the first time even dia macam terkejar-kejar sebab ada another friend yang nak visit her house.

Im sure semua yang datang malam tu buat lino sangat happy and the most important is, she will remember this for the rest of her life, maybe? hehe

Pretty hand bouquet, go to Koyasan Berhad to get more info. Sempat lagi promote hehehe

Beautiful night with beautiful friends. I am happy lady!


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