Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello December!

Salam all,

Bila start cuti sekolah hari tu, I ingat I akan update blog more sebab banyak masa kat rumah,
Actually kat rumah lagiii busy. You have to cook, to clean the house,do laundry, out buying groceries etc.
So many things to do and at 3pm every weekday, I akan tercongok depan tv, watching greys anatomy season 7.

So far, banyak juga benda yang dah settle. Catering dah tempah, make up artist settle.My attire pun settle, just tunggu date appointment je. Pelamin original idea dah ada, just nak touch up a little bit.
Final decision january nanti. Im more focus on the wedding decorations. Dah lumrah perempuan suka benda cantik :)

Favourite part is buying gift for hantaran. I saja lambat-lambat survey here and there sebab I really enjoy the process. Hehe siapa tak suka shopping kan? Now Im looking for wedding shoes. Found one glitters peep toe platform shoes kat Aldo. Price RM399. o_O Tak rasa I want to spend that much on shoes. Kena cari yang lain lah nampaknya. Im going to KL next week so ada masa lagi nak shopping. and im looking for a shopping partner ehem :)

Another good news is, I dah finished my kursus kahwin with flying colors! hehe weeehuuu!
Eventhough, my fiancee got a bit upset with me during the kursus. Ade slots yang busan so I berangan lah. Pasal pelamin, pasal doorgifts lah, suddenly dapat idea bernas, I terus whatssap my wedding planner.
Bila dah dapat pegang phone, I cant get it off from my hand. So he was mad because Im not paying attention to the speaker.

Tell you what, after the slot, he kinda 'tegur'  me during our tea break. so I asked him back, " Apa tajuk ceramah tadi?" He cant remember. So I yakinkan dia, maybe mata I glued to the phone but my brain is working. So dont worry. I know the topic, I faham main points. I know we were there to learn. Im learning.
I remember the tips. I remember 90% of the ceramah. There are multiple intelligence, tau :)

Expect to receive my sijil on thursday, I hope he can settle his borang and all in two weeks.
I planned to complete everything in december. so its gonna be a busy month! 


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