Monday, September 24, 2012

The bride & her bridemaid

Salam all,

Last saturday, my bestfriend from highschool getting hitched! i am so happy for her and sad a bit at the same time. sob sob because she is now one step ahead in her life.

On our way to Dewan Pavillion, Seremban

Two days after she got married, I called her and bergossip. then i asked her,

 Ayya : Ko kat mana ni?
Zaity : kat johor.
Ayya : Apsal ko kat johor?
Zaity : Aku nak pergi mini honeymoon kat Singapore.
Ayya : Ohhh yela, ko dah kawin -_-

I forgot she is now a wife. HAHA sorry babe, kacau u on your honeymoon.
so i hang up and called the other bestfriend, Dynat. hehehe

I am so happy for all of my friends and at the same time feeling sad because i know we'll never be the same anymore.

life goes on, right?


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