Friday, September 28, 2012

Ben's General Food Store at Bangsar Village


Early September is my best friend's birthday. So i decided to bring her out for the whole day, just do the girly stuff, ( mani pedi etc) and have a proper dinner. just the two of us. yes, I am a very romantic person.

Tiba-tiba je, her parents were in town and she need to spend time with them. takpe, family comes first!
so i just ada masa for dinner je with her. Itu pun dah lambat. we decided to go to Bangsar and I ajak dia try Bens General Food Store di Bangsar Village.

Latte RM7.90

 I love the decoration on my latte :)

Caesar Salad Rm12.90

 For appetizer, we chose caesar salad, portion nya quite small and tak puas makan. tapi with that price, i'll pass. kalau add grilled chicken sure lagi sedap.

Pescatora Pizza RM31.90

 Then we shared this pescatora pizza. Highly recommended! Thin crust and very cheezyyyy. super sedap!
Nampak kecil tapi sangat fulfilling.

Tomatoes, Mozarella, garlic ( loads of them) , mixed seafood of shrimps, squid, fish and mussels.

Pizza ni sangat flavourful. You gotta try it yourself. 

It is a must to have cake on birthday. ( at least, for me)
 Kalau nak beli one whole cake, rasa macam sangat membazir sebab dua orang je makan so we ordered one slice of RV. too bad, the cake is quite dry. I tak really enjoy this :(

Red Velvet

The birthday girl still in baju kurung. busuk punya orang ( x_x)

I will come again soon. Their food selection agak limited tapi nampak macam semua nya sedap. 
so mesti cuba menu lain pula. till then


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