Thursday, September 8, 2011

Death by Chocolate @ A Slice Of Heaven, Jaya One

salam all,

raya this year sangat busy, nak update blog pun tak sempat :(
but now im back!

memang dah lama nak pergi a slice of heaven tapi tak sempat. heard a lot of good review about this place,
so one fine day, i pergi juga :D

a slice of heaven kat jaya one ni senang je nak locate, cari cold storage. this cafe around that area.

Death by chocolate cupcake

cupcakes kat sini semua nampak nyummy!
ramai yang recommended to try peanut butter chocolate cupcake.
tapi maybe next time.

sebabnya im craving for this.

Death by Chocolate
9" for RM64

the cake is so beautiful, decorated with large chocolate curls.

thin layer of chocolate cake, dalam tu chocolate mousse.

omg so sinful!

bila masukkan je dalam mulut, it melted. sedapnyaaaa.
chocolatey but not overly sweet.

tak rugi cuba, and a slice of heaven ada beberapa branch lagi di pavilion and bangsar.

check out their official website

xoxo :)


::smaku:: said...

wrong move to be visiting your blog when im fasting.

Anonymous said...

sedapnya nampak! nnt nk try jgkla.



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