Friday, May 13, 2016

Strato @ Troika Sky Dining


If you want to celebrate your loved ones' birthday but he/she does not fancy fine dining restaurants, you can take her/ him here !

The view is okay, takde lah nice gila. Our table was at the balcony so we escaped the crowd and the noise. hehe 

Our appetizer, 
I memang mengidam lama nak makan mussels so..

We ordered steamed black mussels in herb tomato broth with tomato crumbs.

Memang sedap gila and I licked everything off! 
Mussels nicely cooked, and I can taste the herbs dalam broth tu. 

Mains :

Barramundi, Clam , Mussels, Prawns in paper packet

Masa mula-mula they served this dish, the presentation tak menarik langsung haha
Kalau peminat seafood , sure suka ni.
But I rasa lebih kurang dengan our appetizer tadi so I tak berminat sangat dengan dish ni. 
should order something else instead. 

Dah datang Italian restaurant, kena lah rasa pizza dia, but we made a mistake sebab order seafood again!
Theme malam ni under the sea agaknya ;P

The pizza was undeniably delicious but why on earth did we ordered seafood again and again ?! 

The waiter suggested the lady  to try their mocktail , Berry Crush

You can take a look at their menu here :

Dont forget to make reservation before you come. 


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