Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Freda Muslim Restaurant @ Muslim Village, Koh Samui

Salam all,

We rented a motorcycle during our honeymoon trip, so its easier for us to travel around the island.
On the first day, we went for island hopping and decided to check out 'Muslim Village' and searching for another halal restaurant there.
It is so easy to to find this restaurant, its just on the side of the road. Just refer to the map and head straight to Muslim Village.

Seafood Salad

We asked for a menu and actually i was hoping to eat heavy food such as steamed snapper, chicken padprik etc, but the menu is so limited.
I requested 'seafood salad' ( which is not on the menu) and the owner said, they can serve it to us. so yayy.
It is sooooo delicious, right balance of citrus, sweetness from seafood and chilies.
This is recommended!

Sambal Belacan

I dont know what they put in their 'sambal belacan', but they taste better than what we had in Malaysia.

Seafood Khao Pad / Seafood fried rice

Chicken Khao Pad/ Chicken Fried Rice

I enjoyed this to the very last spoon.
You can never go wrong with fried rice, right?

Please visit this restaurant if you are in Koh Samui. The owner is so friendly, she even suggested some interesting places for us to visit.
It is a very humble restaurant but provide wifi. cool, huh?



Nor Mazila said...

la g mkn nasi goreng sne yg seafood best gileee.
mse tu kdai die fulhouse.
so die g sedia meja mkn kt blkg kedai.
ngadap laut lagi.

Akmal Hidayah Azalan said...

kan? aya pon suke nasi goreng sini. tapi jauh sgt nak datang if dah stay kat chaweng hehe

Anonymous said...

salam, boleh I tahu restaurant nie Kat area mane?

Akmal Hidayah Azalan said...


kalau dalam map, boleh rujuk tempat nama "Lamai" jalan dia straight and one way, jadi alert je kedai ni sebelah kiri jalan.


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