Monday, May 20, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers at Ecurve

Salam all,
Sempena mothers day, Bulgogi Brothers ada buat promotion, bring your mother to dine here and get 50% off from her meal. Since my parents was in town last weekend, so i grab the chance and took them here.
My mother in law pun ada, so dapat dua meal lah half price yeay!
My mum and mother in law, dua-dua die hard fan korean series, so this place memang suitable for them to try korean cuisine.

Start dengan refillable appetizers, ada lotus root, spinach, pumpkin, kangkung, raddish and kimchi.

Sweet corn, edamame and sweet potato

Nampak tak scoop kat tengah tu, itu yang paling i suka, mashed pumpkin with cucumber, carrots and sweet potato. ada rasa crunchy sikit. I jarang makan pumpkin tapi this one memang sedap. lagi sedap dari mashed sweet potato.
Complimentary swwt potato soup. This is what we called 'comfort food'.
Hot and sweet soup with a hint of almond taste.
I can easily finish two bowls.

Our first main dish, Seoulsik Bulgogi RM 52.90
Marinated beef in special bulgogi sauce, served with glass noodles, enoki mushrooms, leek and onions. The staff told us, the special sauce had pears and apples in it.

Soup ni sangat sedap, I tak pernah imagine pears and apples can blend so well with beef flavours. Agak ragu-ragu juga at first masa nak order, tapi dish ni sangat sedap. recommended!
Bulgogi special sauce add extra kick to the soup.

Next meal, Bulgogi Brothers Special ( RM81.90 for 400 g, RM121.90 for 600 g)

They use Australian beef here sebab korean beef tidak halal. Dont worry if you clueless masa nak makan this dish, sebab the staff there will help to cook it for you. Siap ajar lagi macam mana nak balut daging dalam daun salad.

Actually, this meal ada dua jenis daging, tapi I tak sempat ambil gambar sebab teruja sangat makan heart shape beef ni. so cute!

I suka betul daging BBQ ni sebab sangat tender and juicy. Rasa tak puas makan sebab portion abit small.
For drinks, ada complimentary hot corn tea. Ada rasa smokey sikit and I enjoy the taste.
And before kita balik, they give us Plum tea. to cool down the body sebab makan panas panas tadi kan.
memang puas hati with their service here.

Give them a try!

Total damage ( after discount) RM85.00


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