Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Kronik Couple

Salam all,

H and I and are miles apart from each other. We only get to meet during weekends twice per month.
Most days, we connected through whatssap, phone calls and did not have many chances to bergayut like we used to do during college time. His office hour ended 6pm, and I have tuition at nights.

During weekends, we always plan to talk about our wedding preparations during lunch or dinner time. Sit at the nice cafe and discuss over coffee. sounds perfect!

But normally, we only sit, enjoy our food, poke each other, criticize the food, take photos of them and planning what desserts to order next, pffttt.

Last weekend, we were stucked in a traffic jam and i was playing with my phone ( which i did most of the time) and H asked about our hantarans. Is it just 7 hantaran or 9?
So I note down, 1st hantaran is the ring, 2nd is... 3rd ... then turned out it is 9! and on august we planned to buy one by one, each month. supposed to start on september but..... erm, there is no action taken.

Then, we talked about what we should wear on the wedding day. I have my own tailor and H said, "what about me?" oh ya, u need to look good too. you are the groom . Next on the list is to find bridal boutique and rent suits or whatsoever to make my man looks handsome.

and I remember something, if we want to get married, we have all to fill some forms right?  then it strucked me..
ALAMAK! Kursus kawin!! I totally forgot about it..

You see, we are too relax and laid back. we are still enjoying our time and didnt realized we have a wedding coming soon. Our own.

I went home and searched for the wedding checklist ( my cousin gave me 6 months ago) .
Realized we still have a lot of things to do. guest list, wedding invitation, canopy.. etc

Oh my.

One step at a time, must go kursus kahwin first.


1 comment:

Nor Mazila Mohd Nor said...

cepat g,
penting tu
mcla dh g before g umrah sbb dh thu byk bnda nk settle.
ayya xpe la nt cuti sek byk mse


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