Friday, April 29, 2011

The Bee @ Jaya One

Selepas baca a few reviews pasal The Bee, i tak sabar-sabar nak try their food.
even ramai cakap tak suka pergi Jaya One sebab the place was quite confusing, i dont care!

sebabnya? tak sabar nak rasa their burgers, the bee burger and ebi fry burger.
so after sunday late brunch with my friends kat the curve, i tros heading ke jaya one.

cake display.

almost fullhouse.

love their cozy enviroment. rasa macam cafe-cafe overseas. sesuai for friends and family gathering.

after seated, the waitress inform us that, on the weekends they only offer brunch menu for the whole day.


which means, no burgers. just eggs and u know, brunch!

i dah down.

i went thru their menu and nothing caught my eyes. brunch brunch brunch. scramble eggs, pancakes and sandwiches. but your truly nak heavy meal.

T_T nvmind.

1 americano comes with their menu set.

i ordered, Huevos Racheros rm17

mexican wrap with beef bacon, fried egg and melted cheese with jalapeno.

and kinda like it :)

who doesnt love bacon with cheese btw

the other half ordered bacon pancakes rm18

me loves their pancakes! thick, fluffy and buttery. lagi-lagi ade cinnamon cream atas tu. sangat sedap! rasa macam butter cake.

tapi after a few bites tak boleh habis sebab muak. better share lah this one :)

i sure datang lagi tapi on the weekdays! i wanna try their burgers!

xoxo :)

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