Friday, April 1, 2011

Graduation party @ Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

salam all,

one day after my graduation day 17.3.2011.

i buat one graduation party with all my friends di cafe barbera, bangsar.

the other photos leh tengok on facebook.

before party, Mr. H nak sponsor cake so i demanded to have a rainbow cake,

from raindough/bite me.

tapi after few discussions with friend etc, rainbow cake is just a butter cake with lots of

colouring so i decided to choose red velvet!

this is how it looks!

cheesy prawn dip with toast.


highly recommended! sangat sedap okay!

mushroom and cheese pizza,


can easily feed three people with this.

seafood pizza,


i love their thin crust. and the fact that they are very generous with the cheese!

spaghetti aglio-olio. tak sempat rasa ni tapi Mr. H cakap prawn dia sedap gile.

beef parmigiana,

my friends cakap, rasa dia macam tak kena.

so dont order this :P

oh yes, and the cake,

hezri ordered it from

my comment ,

the cake was a bit dry, tak moist and the cream cheese,

tak cukup cheesy tp i like it sebab tak manis sangat :)

mode cikgu

saya ikan todak, yes, old habits die hard

thank youuuuuu kawan-kawan yang datang!

us in front of cafe barbera, bangsar.

am so very happy that night :) i can easily fall off the chair laughing. im glad that our old jokes are still funny.

cheers for 11 years of friendship and many many more years to come :)


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Asiela Hamid said...

11 tahun dah ke? lamanyaaa!!


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