Sunday, October 24, 2010

Presenting you.. Miss Khairul Barriah a.k.a Miss Airasia!

Stranded at the airport wont be a major problem anymore,
esp when ur traveling alone,
because this lovely lady is working at LCCT!
and she is ready to entertain you :D
memandai je kan? hehe.
yours truly with Khairul Barriah a.k.a KB
notice her hijab?
i love the way she wore it, stylish yaw!
i met KB at LCCT before going back to Penang last weekend. Am so happy to see her!
so slim and pretty esp in her hijab. guess im gonna be the fattest member of #aliceteaparty :(
i tweeted her when i arrived at LCCT and she was busy putting on her red lipstick! haha.
when i saw her coming down from the office, with a cup of coffee in her hand,
i thot "alaa sweetnye KB bring me coffee"
but she said, "eh no, this is mine"
hahah siot je KB.
her first sentence when she saw me,
"eh what kind of lipstick do u use?"
haha, i kinda think, she might ask, how r u? its been so long since last we met.
so funny laa u KB.
and shes the one who started calling me, ayyacupcake :)
remember when i always said,
i hate flying alone.
i wont be anymore:)
i got KB!
xoxo :)


Breathing.In.Luxembourg said...

AAAAAaaaaa, malu and suka at the same timeee :D ayya you are the best, takda siapa pernah tulis something like this about me :) thanks much a bunch ayyacupcake.

Breathing.In.Luxembourg said...

And Ayya, you are HALF my size. felt like a hulk standing next to you :)

ayya henrietta said...

KB, Grrr. i maybe lose weight alil bit but im not half of ur size. haha!

thank u for coming down to meet me, even for a few minutes!
i need your positive words to cheer me up, ur the one who encouraged me to travel alone :)

banyak plak jasa u kat i KB. hahaha
xmau list sume laa.
nnt terhutang budi, tergadai body hahaha


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