Wednesday, October 20, 2010


what a beautiful date, isnt it?

anyway, i just got back from meeting hezri's sister, picked her up at Vistana and dinner at Nurul's ikan bakar.
glad she luv the place :)

talking and sharing stories with her made me realized how much i miss Hezri T_T.

owh, and i just had one tragic weekend, i missed my flight on friday and nearly missed Nizam's wedding too. my flight was at 815am but i arrived at the airport around 740am, the gates were closed, and i need to pay rm160 to get on the next plane which is at 1055pm.
no point, so i took a bus to KL. and arrived at KL around 1230pm.
save money, the bus ticket only costs around rm35.

then, i was on my way to the LRT station when this chinese guy was handing out flyers or whatsoever and blocking my way, he persuaded me to scratch the card and see if i win anything,
i have NO time for this, im late for my cousin's wedding!
but he keep on following me and i dunno how, i slipped and fell on the floor. that guy,
so mean, he ran away! grrr.

my cousin promised to meet me at Putrajaya Sentral, so when i was on klia express,
i pull up my skirt and noticed the bleeding on my knee. *there were less people on klia express.
but i cant cry. not yet. huu. reached at the putrajaya sentral, i quickly heading to the restroom and clean it. and i was sobbing abit. until dynat called and discuss about Chengdu trip.
thanks to her at least she took my mind to somewhere else.

need to wait for my cousin to finish her work first before heading to muadzam. so i arrived at Nizam's wedding wayyy too late. the dinner start at 8pm and i reached there around 945pm. so i missed the speech plus the sanding part :( i changed my clothes in the car and din manage to put on make up. sad. sad.
nevermind, at least im there, right?

the photos coming up soon.

xoxo :)

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