Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Simple Cheese Omelette for breakfast

i slept late last nite and wake up around 930am.
so hungry and thinkin to make a quick and simple breakfast.
dice the mushroom, tomato and onion.
u can put in chicken or turkey ham if u like.
an egg (depends on the people u goin to serve)
salt and pepper.
if u want, u use beaten egg.

mix them well

pour the egg into the skillet,
add some cheese. u can use any type of cheese dat u like,
as for me, i love cheddar cheese

fold it

please welcome,
mr cheese omelette :D

look at the cheezyyyy. =O

xoxo :)

1 comment:

~NajiLaA~ said...

ayya.ko mmg ske buat aku terliur kan?huhu


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