Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Earth Hour in Two days!

hEy people.

i was so crazy to get the passes to join earth hour party hosted by, will held at poolside g hotel, gurney. then i google-ed about the party last nite. and decided not to go. since they stressed "dress to wet, dun say we din warn u" gulp! no wonder the party take place at the pool side. so i bet its gonna be a bit wild, plus when i told buya, i was planning to join the party,
she said, jgn laa. nnt ditelan bumi. double gulp!
so no, im not going, i'll just stay at the hostel and turn off the light at 830pm-930pm. dun forget guys. this saturday ya! LETS SAVE OUR WORLD!

i hve an event at school this saturday, frm 8am to 4pm. organized by UITM students. leardership camp or something like that. im not sure. this week was a bit slow for me.
im still in the holiday mood. nothing much to rant.
thats all for now.


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