Monday, March 8, 2010

Papa Johns@Sunway Pyramid

The best pizza, and my favourite so far.
went to sunway pyramid n i was so hungry like hell.
then hezri suggested how about pizza?
and i said okay because my brain started to stop working :P

cream of mushroom.
so thick but tasty.
Strongly recommended!
6" Super Papa's pizza.
Rm 11.20
we ordered the smallest size and regret it later.
it was soo yummy, better than any pizza u ever taste!

it comes with buttery cream, which i found very extraordinary tasteful.
the taste were like garlic butter.

im drooling while writing this blog

Seafood deluxe ( spaghetti)
it was baked and comes with cheese, shrimp and tuna.
hezri love it but i din.
maybe because im not a seafood lover.

i was craving for more and we decided to add on one more pizza!
(it was so yummy, u know)

6" All the meats
RM 11.20
the pizza taste a bit spicy. still had my vote.
but i love Super Papa's more. :)

total damage:
Rm 55.45
including drinks.
quiet reasonable. since we ate alot.
just try, u will not regret it :)

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