Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the planner

halo people.

this entry is dedicated to the guys :)

when ur girlfriend plans to take u out doing things that we like,
such as ice skating, watching love movies, go to opera and do girly stuff,
we will keep on asking the same questions,
"are u bored?"
"do u find this interesting?"
"are u sleepy?"
"are u okay?"
so, please. do not freak out. esp when we suddenly said sorry.
apologize for bringing u out today.
even worse when u need to skip ur football session.
we feel guilty. we just want to plan something interesting for u.
just put us in ur shoes.
if one day. u invite ur girlfriend to the stadium.
to watch a football match. u also might think she will feel uncomfortable
with the bad smell, the smoker, the shouting and the crowd.
u will asks her the same questions.
even worse, when she need to accompany u and missed her korean series show.

but we are okay. it doesnt matter. as long as u are happy.
same goes to the girls. u try to do something memorable and meaningful
and think ur partner might feels boring and all.
dun worry.
plan something sincerely
insya Allah
hes gonna love it.
and stop asking nonsense questions.
u dun hv to ask.
its all written on their faces :)


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