Tuesday, December 22, 2009


is a very compatible number, isnt it?

i is turning 22 tomorrow. how time flies so fast!
i am now officially an adult, and allowed to engage with adult activities.
(its not what ur thinkin!) but obviously there are alot more waiting,
commitment, responsibilities and loads of STRESS. happy stress, comfort stress hopefully.
referring to my previous post, im finally happy now :D
know why?

i talked to hezri about all the reasons why i am unhappy
and i realized i was over think. i focus and hope for the negative result
instead of solving problems. i put on more pressure. not good, huh?
after a very verryyy long phone conversation, i was so happy
i talked it through. because i feel more alive and happier than ever
and now i can pull back my words to hezri, it is the worst birthday ever!
haha i know, i was such a drama queen.

well, about my birthday tomorrow. no restaurant reservation and all,
but a very comfort birthday celebration. at home :)
its gonna be all about families and we are doing comfort food.
just like the one i always dream of.
all the cousins will be here, and my aunt will be preparing loads of dishes.
and its gonna be special.
because, all of us will masak2 together. one of my cousin requested, to buy big apple
doughnuts instead of birthday cake. and i thought it was great,
and unique. its such a good idea :)
its gonna be delightful.
cant wait to meet them all tomorrow.


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