Friday, June 24, 2016

Ramadhan Buffet 2016 @ Contango , The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Salam everyone, 

Hez's birthday is in June, I pening nak bawa dia makan kat mana. It's Ramadhan month, and Hez loves to have heavy meal for break fast. To save the headache, I decided to go for buffet. If you want to dine here, it is better for you to call and book early as they are always full house. 

To be honest, I am not a fan of buffet, but once in a while, why not?
The restaurant is huge with different food stations and eventhough there were a lot of patrons that night, it was not crowded at all. 

I can roam freely and take my time to choose what I want to eat. They refill the food and clean my plate attentively. ( must give big tips to the waiter! )

We arrived at Majestic Hotel around 630pm, and get to relax and chit chatting a little bit. 

They served extensive buffet spread, from malaysian delicacies to japanese, chinese, italian fare.
So many choices and I need to calm myself down.

Roast lamb with  potatoes and asparagus

 Soup, rendang, lemang, ketupat. I feel like Hari Raya is here already! 

Normally I will skipped bubur lambuk, but theirs are so nice and packed with flavours. I can actually taste the herbs in it. 

Fried kuey teow station

Look at those big prawns!! 

Ketam goreng and they also have puyuh goreng. 

Indian food selection, love the kerala curry!

Japanese section

Some other food

Assam Laksa, Mee Curry
Beef and Chicken Sate
Prata, Murtabak. Roti Canai
Few selections of pizza ( love their pepperoni, they are generous with the cheese)
Pasta ( you can order from the station) 
Selection nasi with various lauk pauk
 and the list goes on  

You must try their ice cream,Im not sure what brand they are using .

Desserts counter. I skipped this part because I am too full and have no space in my stomache anymore. But I shared ABC with Hez 

Oh and another thing I love about the buffet, is their free flow coffee,  not cheap and lousy type, but actual good coffee ! You can even ask the barista to make caramel macchiato for you. 

Must give credit to the Contango staffs, I know they are super busy especially in this Holy month but they can still take time to joke around and talk to me when I was taking photos, they even recommend few things for me to try. (did i mention they are busy?!)

Price for one pax in Contango is RM145 nett, 

Selamat berbuka! 


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