Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hawker Food @ Gurney Drive.

Situated next to gurney plaza, this hawker place has two side,
one for chinese food and another one is for halal food.
the halal side is located in front of mcdonalds near the 4 junctions traffic light.
u'll see the place easily if u reach there.

the bussiness starts around 5/6pm
and actually we ordered a lot more than these
but my friend couldnt hold their hunger anymore :D
nasi lemak kukus rm3.50

i love their spicy sambal

char kuey teow kering

panas lg, sampai berasap lens camera :D

and many many more food choices there!
pasembur, laksa, sate, abc, ikan bakar
u name it!


Moumo said...

i noe this place.woah!!!
best kn..
wendu kat penang la ayya

ayya henrietta said...

hehe rindu penang? datang laaa penang!! :D


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