Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chilis @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

mushroom and chicken soup,
comes with crackers.
i din like it tho :(

All the time favourite!
please welcome,
Mr mashed potato!

BBQ Ribs Rm 46.90
comes with chips and corn.

strongly recommended!

xoxo :D


Moumo said...

chilis terbaek!!!
mkn skli lh knyg 3 ari

ayya henrietta said...

haha makan skali kenyang 3 ari? fuyo! mek la alien! hehe mkn 3 ari skali!

Moumo said...

yup im miss alien.
on diet neh..
mmg da almost 1 week+ xmkn nasi
gnna get my 51kg back..tehee~


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